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Monday, April 15, 2013




I.                          CALL TO ORDER AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:

Mayor Deaton called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and all joined in the Pledge of Allegiance.


II.        ROLL CALL:

COUNCIL PRESENT:    Mayor Deaton, Councilors Braudt, Parker, Coleman, Kovachy, and Barton.

COUNCIL ABSENT:      Councilor Loomis

STAFF PRESENT:         Administrator/Recorder Evans and Superintendent Lakey.

STAFF ABSENT:           None.









            1.         Approval of Regular Session 3-18-13 Minutes and Special Meeting 3-25-13.

            2.         Financial Reports

                        a) Expenses vs Budget w/o Encumbered

                        b) Payroll Accrual Register

                        c) Revenue Analysis


Councilor  Kovachy  moved, Councilor  Barton seconded a motion to approve the consent calendar as presented.  All voted “yes”.  The motion carried. 








            1.         Extension of Sheriff’s contract


The City of Canyonville entered into an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department to provide law enforcement for the citizens of Canyonville in 1998.  A new agreement was drafted in 2006 which provides for a yearly extension of the original contract and a yearly increase in the fee based on the Consumer Price Index.  The Consumer Price Index was 2.1% which will increase the annual cost to $165,443.00.

It is staff’s recommendation that the Council authorize the Mayor to sign the 7th extension agreement.


The Council discussed the level of service received for the cost and weighed the results of reducing the level of service to save money.  It was generally agreed that maintaining the current level of service and contract is in the best interest of the citizens.  However, the City could negotiate a different cost of living index.  Councilor Parker suggested that the City propose the chained index that the government is proposing for Social Security increases.  It was agreed that the City should notify the Sheriff’s department sometime this fall about renegotiating the cost of living index before renewing the contract in 2014.


Councilor  Barton moved, Councilor  Parker seconded a motion to approve the sheriff’s contract and authorize the Mayor to sign the extension.   All voted “yes”.  The motion carried. 


2.         Bids for park restroom improvements.


The restrooms in the park are in need of new fixtures and Tony has been trying to obtain quotes for the project.  He has contacted three plumbers to obtain quotes.  To date he has only been able to obtain one quote which is from DJ’s Plumbing out of Myrtle Creek in the amount of $4,862.00.


He is still waiting for another quote and the third plumber declined to bid on the project.

The bid from DJ’s Plumbing includes $1,797.00 for labor to install the fixtures.  Since this is a public building City staff cannot install the fixtures.  The plumbing code requires a licensed plumber to install fixtures in a public building.


The facility reserve fund has $5,500.00 that was earmarked for the tennis court bathrooms.  However, those restrooms have been removed so these funds could be utilized for the park bathrooms.


Since summer is rapidly approaching and the park is beginning to be utilized we are asking Council to approve the project with a cap of $5,500.00.  If we wait until the May 20, 2013 meeting for approval it will be summer time before the work is completed.


Superintendent Lakey added that he has received a second bid in the amount of $4,580.00 from Trimnell Plumbing out of Roseburg.  The difference between the two quotes is $282.00.  However, the quote from Trimnell Plumbing does not have the costs broken down.


The Council discussed the fact that DJ’s Plumbing is local, the plumbers live in the City and the City has had experience with their work.  It was generally agreed that for the difference in price it would be prudent to hire a local company that has previously done business with the City.


Councilor  Coleman  moved, Councilor  Kovachy seconded a motion to accept the bid from DJ’s Plumbing in the amount of $4,580.00 to complete the park restroom improvements.   All voted “yes”.  The motion carried.   





a)      Sergeant Marty Case highlighted the STATS for March.  Last week they held a mock lockdown at the elementary school.  It went very well and they identified a few issues that need resolved.  One issue dealt with children who were outside on the play grounds.  They suggested that rather than try to get the children inside, it might be a wise option to bring them over to City Hall.  The school maybe approaching the city regarding that option.







Superintendent Lakey highlighted his report noting the following:


Superintendent Lakey informed the Council that he has just recently returned from a class on back flow preventers.  One of the things he learned was that any place selling food is required to have a grease trap under the plumbing code.  The installation of the grease trap is not discretionary.


The question was raised as to whether that applies to existing uses or are they grandfathered.  Both the gas stations sell micro wave food and neither of them has a grease trap.  Superintendent Lakey responded that he will do additional research and get back to the Council on the issue.


Superintendent Lakey noted that the class was very informative and there are a number of issues he needs to follow up.  On concern is the location of a domestic line off of a fire line at Forest Glen.  It is possible that contaminants could get into the domestic line from the fire line depending upon if they have a back flow device and where it is located.  He will be following up on this issue with Forest Glen.


Councilor Braudt asked about the pneumatic valve upgrade discussed in the Water report.  The budget committee did budget money to complete this project over 4 years. It was not halted due to budget problems.  If they do not intend to complete the project then they should explain why and what they do intend to spend the money on.


Superintendent Lakey explained that some work had been done and they feel that work has taken care of the issue.  They were able to find a cheaper way to accomplish the necessary goal.



Administrator/Recorder Evans noted that:


·        The Community Development Block Grant has been accepted and the City should know in May if they have been awarded a grant.

·        The City received a grant/loan from Infra Structure Financing for Phase 1 of the sewer plant

Upgrade.  The grant is for $338,150.00 and the loan is for $338,150.00 at 1.68% interest.

·         Dr. Falk is requesting to annex his property east of town.  In order to complete the annexation the City’s Urban Growth Boundary will need to be expanded.  This is  a big project so it is being contracted with Lane Council of Government.

·         Budget meeting will begin May 13, 2013.  She will try to have the budget to all committee    members by May 8, 2013.






1.    In Packet:


2.    Available for Inspection:

a)                Seniors Escorting Seniors – March 2013 Report



1.      Planning Commission Regular Session – Wednesday, May 8, 2013 @ 7:00 p.m.

2.      City Council Regular Session – Monday, May 20, 2013 @ 7:00 p.m.

3.      Budget meetings May 13 and May 16, 2013


XI.            ADJOURNMENT

Being no further business Mayor Deaton adjourned the meeting at 8:23 p.m.



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______________________________                     ________________________________

Janelle Evans, Administrator/Recorder                    Robert A. Deaton, Mayor       


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