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October 24, 2012

I.                          Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance:

Commissioner Emory called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and all joined in the Pledge of Allegiance.


II.              Roll Call:

COMMISSION PRESENT:    Chairman Emory, Commissioners Weigel, Butler, Ravera, Hill and Boyè.


STAFF PRESENT:                 Administrator/Recorder Evans.

STAFF ABSENT:                   Deputy Recorder Beckman and Superintendent Lakey were excused.


III.             Agenda Review/Additions:



IV.             Approval of Minutes –

1.     Regular Session / 3-8-12

Commissioner Butler moved, Commissioner Ravera seconded a motion to approve the minutes of the 3-8-12 Regular Session meeting as written.  All voted “yes”.  The motion carried.


V.              Public Hearings:

1.   Conditional Use Permit, John Arana/Melissa Lines to operate an automotive repair shop at 255 N. Main, Canyonville.


*    Chairman Emory asked if any Commissioner wished to disqualify his or herself for any

      conflict of interest in this matter or report any ex-parte contacts.

1.     Chairman Emory noted that he had a potential conflict of interest and had been advised to ask the Commissioners to make a ruling as to whether he should participate in the hearing or not.  Chairman Emory noted that in the past he had received threats from Mr. Arana toward his property and business. Chairman Emory noted that he does not have anything against Mr. Arana and he did not have a problem if Mr. Arana wanted to have a business.

Administrator/Recorder Evans asked if the Commissioners had any concern that Chairman Emory could not be unbiased. 

There were none.


*    Chairman Emory opened the Public Hearing on the application for a Conditional Use Permit to operate an automotive repair shop at 255 N. Main St.


*    Chairman Emory called for the staff report:

      1.   Administrator/Recorder Evans read the hearings disclosure statement.

2.   Administrator/Recorder Evans referenced the following Staff Report:  


*     REQUEST: 

The applicants are requesting approval of a conditional use permit to establish automotive repair at 255 Main St.  According to their application the type of auto repair would be general maintenance such as oil changes, belt replacements, checking and refilling of fluids.  There would be no engine rebuilds according to the applicant.  The proposed hours of operation would be 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. 7 days a week.


CRITERIA 1:  The site size, dimensions, location, topography and access are adequate for the needs of the proposed use, considering the proposed building mass, parking, traffic, noise, vibration, exhaust/emissions, light, glare, erosion, odor, dust, visibility, safety and aesthetic considerations.


1a. The existing building was constructed in the 1930’s and occupies the entire property.  There are currently no off street parking facilities and there is not adequate room to construct off street parking.  Parking of customer vehicles and vehicles awaiting repair will definitely be a challenge.  The property has approximately 118’ of street frontage which could accommodate 6 vehicles.


1b. The applicant has supplied the following plan for parking:


      I plan to use the premises at 255 N. Main St. for an Auto Repair shop.  We service our customers’ needs on an appointment basis.  Parking will be limited to on street for up to 3 customers and/or employee cars in front of the building area.  There will be no parking of customers cars outside overnight since my insurance coverage is limited to building area.  There are 6 parking stalls inside the building thus allowing plenty of room for repairs to be performed inside.  I plan to make the following improvements such as keep the front of the buildings clean and litter free and planting a garden of flowers that is eye appealing thus making this one of the best looking businesses in Canyonville.


1c. According to the applicant’s application the types of auto repair would be general maintenance such as oil changes, replacing belts, and checking fluids.  No engine rebuilds.  The applicant has verbally stated that the repairs will all be quick repairs that can be completed within a day so there will be no need for long term parking.


1d. According to the applicant’s business card the following type of work would be performed:  Engine Repair, Automatic Transmission/Transaxle, Manual Drive train and axles, suspension, steering, brakes, electrical/electronic systems, heating, air conditioning  and  engine performance.


1e. Engine repairs and automatic transmission repairs are not necessarily quick repairs. These repairs could necessitate the need to keep the vehicle on site. These vehicles will need to be kept within the enclosed building.


1f.  The proposed hours of operation are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Sunday.


1g. The existing building has a car lift which indicates that it may have been used in the past for some type of auto repair.  Originally according to long time residents it was constructed and utilized for auto salvage.  The most recent use of the building has been for storage of a private car collection.


1h. The applicant states all signage will meet the City’s sign regulations and that permits will be obtained for all signs. (added at the request of the Commission)




The hours of operation shall be limited to normal daytime hours of operation (7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.)


CRITERIA 2:  The negative impacts of the proposed use on adjacent properties and on the public can be mitigated through application of other code standards or other reasonable conditions of approval.


2a.   The subject property is zoned C1 Commercial Retail.  The Canyonville Zoning ordinance allows service uses inside or outside a building such as auto repair, auto sales, boat sales, carwash, gasoline sales through the conditional use process.


2b.   The conditional use process gives the Planning Commission authority to attach conditions to the use which will make the use compatible with the surrounding area and minimize the impact to public facilities.  The Planning Commission may impose regulations such as but not limited to the following: limiting the hours, days, place or manner of operation, designating the size, number, location of parking vehicles, requiring landscaping, screening, improvement of parking areas.


2c.   The property is located on the City’s Main Street which has a high traffic volume and is highly visible.  Because the building is located in the downtown area aesthetics is an important factor.  Accumulation of vehicles in various stages of repair would have a negative impact on the surrounding area.


2d.   Municipal Code Chapter 10.40 Section 010 Prohibits disassembly, construction, reconstruction, repair and/or servicing of vehicles upon any street, road, alley or other public thoroughfare in the City except for emergency service.


2e.   Mr. Arana has stated in his application that there will be no vehicle storage or repair of vehicles on the street. 


2f.   The Canyonville Municipal Code Chapter 10.32 section 020 (B)  prohibits the parking of vehicles for:


B.    A vehicle upon any street for the principal purpose of:

        1.  Displaying such vehicle for sale.

        2.  Washing, greasing or repairing such vehicle except repairs necessitated by an emergency.

        3.  Selling merchandise from such vehicle except in a duly established marketplace or when so authorized or licensed under the ordinance of the City.

        4.  Storage, or as junkage or dead storage for more than 15 hours.




All automotive repair will be conducted inside the building.  There will be no outside storage of any kind.  This includes cars, auto parts and miscellaneous items.  Parking of vehicles on the street is restricted to the hours of operation (7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.) stated in the permit.  No vehicles will be stored or left on the street at the close of business.  No outside storage of any kind is allowed on the site.  Failure to comply with any portion of this condition will result in revocation of the conditional use permit.


CRITERIA 3:  All Required public facilities have adequate capacity to serve the proposal.


3a. The subject property is already developed with water and sewer to the building.



*    RECOMMENDATION:  Approve the Conditional Use Permit to establish auto repair at 255 N. Main subject to the conditions listed in the staff report.


*    Chairman Emory asked for the applicant’s testimony.

      Mr. Arana noted that he intended to provide an alternate auto repair shop for people traveling through town when other shops might be closed.  He also noted that he had previously owned three shops and he would only provide light repairs nothing long term or storage of vehicles.  He would not do body work, painting or frame repairs.  Mostly oil changes, no rebuilding of transmission or major repairs.  He has made provision for disposal of fluids.  He will keep all business inside the building.  There will be no obstruction of the sidewalk.  He has also been doing improvements to the building.  He had been working on a water line repair and is waiting for a plumber to finish.  Mr. Arana intends to replace the roof and build a planter in the front of the building.  Mr. Arana noted that he intends to place a 4 x 6 illuminated sign off the front of the building.  He noted that he had begun the paperwork with the City for the sign.


Discussion:  The Commissioners generally discussed signage and what would be painted on the building.  Administrator/Recorder Evans referenced the City’s sign ordinance and highlighted requirements.  She further noted that permits would be required.


*    Chairman Emory asked if anyone in the audience wished to speak in favor of the request.

      Fleet Malkon, 155 Hamlin Dr. spoke in favor of the auto repair business noting that there had been a mechanic shop at the location since the 70’s.


*    Chairman Emory asked if anyone in the audience wished to speak against the request.

      There were none.


*    Chairman Emory closed the public hearing.


Chairman Emory asked if there was any further discussion from the Commissioners.


Discussion:  The Commissioners generally discussed parking.  Signage was also discussed.

                        Administrator/Recorder Evans noted that she would add signage as a finding under Criteria #1 – 1h. 


Commissioner Hill moved, Commissioner Butler seconded a motion to approve the Conditional Use Permit to establish auto repair at 255 N. Main subject to the conditions listed in the Staff Report.  All voted “yes”.  The motion carried.


VI.             Business from the Public:



VII.           Other Commission Business:

                  Discussion:  The Commissioners discussed changing the regular Planning Commission meeting day to the second Wednesday of each month.  Administrator/Recorder Evans noted that changing the meeting day would involve changing the code.  She further noted that she would bring it to the Council at their regularly scheduled meeting in November.  The Commissioners also discussed holding monthly meetings to re-write the zoning portion of the Municipal Code.  Administrator/Recorder Evans noted that this would be a very large task, it had been attempted several years ago through the “Smart Code” and due to the design being for larger cities it did not apply well for Canyonville.  She further noted that she would find samples from other cities that would be better suited for Canyonville.  She also stated that the structure of the code could be re-worded without changing allowed uses for the zones.  The Commissioners also generally discussed the variance and parking sections of the Municipal Code.


VIII.          Correspondence:

1.      6-25-12 Zachary Culbertson Resignation


IX.             Announcements:

                  1.   City Council – Monday, November 19, 2012 @ 7:00 p.m.


X.              Adjourn:

                  Being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.



SUBMITTED BY:                                                                             APPROVED BY:



_____________________________                                           ________________________________

Joan Beckman, Deputy Recorder                                                  John Emory, Chairman

Minutes Transcribed from tape.

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