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November 10, 2011

I.                      Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance:

Chairman Sato called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and all joined in the Pledge of Allegiance.


II.            Roll Call:

COMMISSION PRESENT:       Chairman Sato, Murphy, Weigel, Emory and Butler.

COMMISSION ABSENT:         Commissioners Hill and Curtiss were excused.

STAFF PRESENT:                  Administrator/Recorder Evans.

STAFF ABSENT:                    Superintendent Lakey and Deputy Recorder Beckman were excused.


III.           Agenda Review/Additions:



IV.            Public Hearings:

                        Chairman Sato stated the procedure for the Public Hearings would be as follows:

      Staff Report

      Applicant’s Testimony

      Those who wish to speak in favor

      Those who wish to speak in opposition

      Applicant’s Rebuttal

Reports from other Public agencies


1.     Conditional Use Permit / Ricky L Morris – 550 N Main St, Canyonville, OR 97417 – Twp 30, Rng 05, Section 27BC, TL #100 / Staff Report, Administrator/Recorder Evans


*    Chairman Sato opened the Public Hearing on the request for a Conditional Use Permit from Ricky L Morris – 550 N Main St, Canyonville, OR


*    Chairman Sato asked if any Commissioner wished to disqualify his or herself for any

      personal or financial interest in this matter or report any ex-parte contacts.

      1. There were none.


*    Chairman Sato read the hearing disclosure statement.


*    Chairman Sato called for the staff report:

       1. Administrator/Recorder Evans highlighted the staff report noting that prior to 1999 the property was zoned C-1 and after that time it had been rezoned to C-2.


*    REQUEST: 

                              The applicant is requesting approval of a Conditional Use Permit to establish an auto and boat upholstery shop in the existing building at 550 N main St.  The building was previously utilized for an automotive repair shop and no changes to the structure or parking are required for the new use.




CRITERIA 1:  The site size, dimensions, location, topography and access are adequate for the needs of the proposed use, considering the proposed building mass, parking, traffic, noise, vibration, exhaust/emissions, light glare, erosion, odor, dust, visibility, safety and aesthetic considerations.




1a. The site is already developed with a garage and was previously utilized for automotive repair.  No new development is required to establish the auto and boat upholstery business.


1b. Utilization of the property for auto and boat repair will not increase the traffic, parking or noise level.  The traffic flow and noise level should be slightly less than that of the automotive repair shop.


1c. According to the applicant, the business does not entail sanding or painting nor the use of high fume chemicals.  The following equipment would be utilized for the business:

·       5 gallon glue pot

·       Air compressor (already in the building)

·       Commercial sewing machine

·       Small hand tools


1d. Approval of the auto and boat upholstery shop would have less impact on the surrounding properties than the existing auto body shop which is located adjacent to the subject property.


CRITERIA 2:  The negative impacts of the proposed use on adjacent properties and on the public can be mitigated through application of other code standards or other reasonable conditions of approval.




2a. The subject property is zoned C2 Travel Commercial Highway Related.  According to the intent statement, for the C2 zone the district is intended to provide for uses and facilities serving primarily the tourist and other transient highway users. The permitted uses are:  service stations, motels, restaurants, gift shops and other uses later deemed conditional by the Planning Commission.


2b. The subject property is not accessible directly from the interstate and is located on Main Street in the middle of the C1 zone.   According to the old zoning maps it was zoned C1 until the new map was adopted in 1999. All the rest of the C2 zoning is along the interstate with easy highway access.


2c. The C1 zone conditionally permits service uses inside or outside a building: auto repair, auto sales, boat sales, carwash, gasoline sales, nursery, outdoor market, plumbing and          heating service, recreation facility, second hand sales, and veterinary clinics.   


2d. Auto and boat upholstery within an enclosed building would be similar to the uses allowed conditionally in the C1 zone.  Since all the adjacent properties are zoned Commercial C1 there would be no negative impact on the surrounding properties.


2e. Based on the surrounding uses the auto and boat upholstery shop would be compatible with the other uses in the area.  Allowing the use under other uses deemed conditional by the Planning Commission would be appropriate.


CRITERIA 3:  All required public facilities have adequate capacity to serve the proposal.




3a. The subject property is already developed with water and sewer to the building.



Approve the Conditional Use Permit to establish an auto and boat upholstery shop in the Commercial C2 zone.


*    Chairman Sato asked for the applicant’s testimony:

Mr. Morris noted that he thought this would be a good business for the area and that he already has customers waiting for his services.  He further noted that he uses an industrial sewing machine, an air compressor for a staple gun, a glue pot and various hand tools.  These tools would not create excessive noise.  Mr. Morris also stated that his business would be conducted inside the building and there would not be a lot of vehicles parked outside.


*    Chairman Sato asked if anyone in the audience wished to speak in favor of the request.

      There were none.


*    Chairman Sato asked if anyone in the audience wished to speak in opposition to the request.

      There were none.


*    Chairman Sato asked for any Reports from other Public agencies.

      There were none.


*    Chairman Sato closed the Public Hearing.


Chairman Sato asked if there was any further discussion from the Commissioners.


Discussion:  The Commissioners generally discussed parking of vehicles outside the building.


Commissioner Emory moved, Commissioner Butler seconded a motion to approve the Conditional Use Permit for Ricky L. Morris to establish an auto and boat upholstery shop in the Commercial C2 zone located at 550 N Main Street.  All voted “yes”.  The motion carried. 


V.              Business from the Public:



VI.             Other Commission Business:

1.     Joy Curtiss Resignation – Administrator/Recorder Evans noted that Commissioner Curtiss had contacted the office and gave verbal notice of her resignation for health reasons.  She further noted that she had a letter for the Commissioners to sign acknowledging her resignation and thanking her for her years of service.


VII.           Correspondence:



VIII.         Announcements:

                  1.   City Council – Monday, November 21, 2011 @ 7:00 p.m.

                  2.   Planning Commission- Thursday, December 1, 2011 @ 7:00 p.m.


IX.            Adjourn:

                  Being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.


SUBMITTED BY:                                                                             APPROVED BY:



_______________________________                                       __________________________________

Janelle Evans, Administrator/Recorder                         Clarence Sato, Chairman


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