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Monday, November 18, 2013



I.                          CALL TO ORDER AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:

Council President Frank Braudt called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and all joined in the Pledge of Allegiance.


II.        ROLL CALL:

COUNCIL PRESENT:    Councilor Parker, Braudt, Coleman, Kovachy, Loomis and Barton.

COUNCIL ABSENT:      Mayor Deaton.

STAFF PRESENT:         Public Works Superintendent Lakey, Administrator/Recorder Evans

                                      Bookkeeper Bennett.

STAFF ABSENT:           None.












1.      Approval of 10-21-2013 Regular Session minutes.


Councilor  Barton  moved, Councilor  Loomis seconded a motion to approve the October 21, 2013 Council minutes.  All voted “yes”.  The motion carried. 




            There were none.




1.      Electronic payment system for utilities-Point and Pay


Bookkeeper Bennett explained some of the benefits of utilizing the Point and Pay electronic payment service.  The City would be able to accept credit or debit card payments on line or over the counter for utility bills, water/sewer deposits, planning fees, business license, or any other charges to the public.  When  several of the cities that are using Point and Pay services were contacted we were told they were all completely happy with the service they are receiving, the ease in retrieving reports needed for posting, and the fact there is no cost to the city.  Some of these cities are smaller then Canyonville and some are larger.  One of the larger cities did comment that after their attorney reviewed the service agreement and made some changes in the wording that Point and Pay accepted the agreement without any problem. 


            The Point and Pay representative verbally and through emails assured us that the following services would

be provided at no cost to the city:


·        Build and host a payment webpage and provide the City with the link to add to the City website.

·        Provide the City with two counter units allowing customers to pay with credit or debit cards, along with payments made over the phone.

·        Customers will see a notice on the web page that a convenience fee will be charged by Point and Pay of 3% or a $2.00 minimum on credit or debit payments.

·        On an e-check payment customer will see a notice for a charge of $2.50 for any payment up to $10,000 and $10.00 for any payment over $10,000. 

·        There will be no charge by Point and Pay for any NSF e-checks or refunds. However, these funds will be debited out of the City’s bank account and the City is responsible for the collection of these funds from the payer.

Administrator Evans did suggest opening another bank account just for these deposits to go into and any debits to be taken out of if the city decides to except Point and Pay service. Another thought was for the city to add a charge for the service on top of the Point and Pay charge.  We will have to check into the possibility of adding the extra charge for the city.  Council has requested staff to send the Point and Pay packet to the city attorney for review and any possible changes.  Also, staff is requested to ask the PNP representative the following questions: 

·        Does PNP repair the card machine in the event it stops working or does the city have to pay for a new one?

·        Verify the difference between the first level support and the second level support.

·        Ensure that Point and Pay will agree to any changes in the wording in the service agreement.

Councilor  Barton  moved, Councilor Coleman seconded a motion  to table decision on Point & Pay – E-payment services pending further investigation.  All voted “yes”.  The motion carried.


          2.         Establishing a charge for hanging speakers in the park


In September the issue was raised as to whether or not the City should hang the speakers for the Pumpkin Festival.  There was some discussion at the meeting that the issue had been discussed in the past and it was decided the City staff should hang the speakers.  Administrator Evans searched through the park files and past minutes to see if a decision was made as to who is supposed to hang the speakers at the park.  She was not able to find any discussion regarding the hanging of the speakers.  Currently there are only two events that utilize the sound sytem.  One of the events hires Billy Burkhert to setup and run the sound system, as well as hang the speakers.  The other event has someone else run the sound system and relies on the City to hang the speakers.  It takes two people approximately 1 hour to hang the speakers and another hour to take them down


Some Councilors have expressed the desire to establish a fee for hanging the speakers.   Based on the hourly rate plus benefits for the two employees it appears a charge of $100.00 would be sufficient to cover the personnel costs.  It is staff’s recommendation that Council adopt a resolution establishing the policy that the speakers must be hung by City staff or a qualified professional and establishing a fee of $100.00. to cover staff time.


Councilor Parker stated that the park rules require a qualified operator for the sound system.  There was a great deal of discussion as to whether the qualified person should be bonded and have liability insurance covering any damage to the sound system.  There was a request for the staff to check with the city insurance company to see if any damage to the sound system is covered and what the specifics are.


It was suggested to have staff draft a resolution to establish a fee for hanging and taking down the speakers by Public Works staff.  Superintendent Lakey stated he has a concern about hanging the speakers with the rain shields.  Most of the organizations do not want to use the rain shield because it muffles the sound.  However, this is expensive equipment which could be damaged from the rain.  He wondered if the City  would charge more if the staff had to come back out to cover the speakers in the event of rain.


Council discussed whether to require installing the rain shields or not at the time the speakers are hung.  One suggestion was to charge a $100 fee to everyone for hanging the speakers and an additional  $100 deposit if the rain shields are not installed. If staff is not required to be called out due to no rain then the $100 deposit would be refunded.  There would be no charge if the speakers are only rolled out onto the stage and staff does not have to hang them.


Councilor  Braudt  moved, Councilor  Barton  seconded a motion requesting staff to draft a Resolution  creating a $100 non-refundable fee for hanging the speakers, a $100 deposit if the rain shields are not installed on the speakers and staff is called out due to rain.  Deposit will be refunded if there is no call out.  No Charge for speakers being rolled out onto the stage instead of being hung.  All voted “yes”.  The motion carried. 


4.         Right of way use request Rogers Feed Store.


The City has received a request from Derek and Jodi Rogers to utilize a portion of the undeveloped right-of-way along South Main.  They are requesting to be allowed to construct a 6’ chain link fence and gate to within 1 foot of the South Main Street sidewalk. 


According to the applicants they would like to fence the area to protect their personal property.  The area is already paved and provides a driveway to their residence.  Due to the slope of the driveway the only reasonable location for the gate would be near the sidewalk where the area is flat. If the gate were placed on the property line it would leave about a 2’ gap under the fence.


Most cities allow for the use of the right of way provided the property owners sign an agreement that they will remove the encroachment at the City’s request.


An agreement has been prepared which would need to be signed by the property owners if the Council wishes to allow the use.  The agreement would protect the City’s right to utilize the undeveloped area if it is needed in the future.


Councilor Barton moved, Councilor Loomis seconded a motion to approve the request to utilize a portion of the undeveloped right of way for building the proposed 6’ fence, provided the property owners sign the agreement.  All voted “yes”.  The motion carried.






Sergeant Case did not have the stats for October but he did highlight some of the major activities that did occur during October. There were five suspects arrested in the Tri City homicide investigation.  Several arrests made throughout the month in the city were for thefts, DUIs and warrants.  There were two hit-and-runs at Seven Feathers and one at Forest Glen, along with two people being cited for intoxication at Pioneer Park.  Sheriff’s department received a call of stolen merchandise at Wal Mart and deputies engaged in a car chase of the suspects up onto the south entrance to the freeway, then off the freeway at Canyonville circling around on Pine and down the Frontage Road to re-enter the freeway going south.  The suspects were not apprended although deputies did find out the vehicle had been stolen out of Grants Pass.


Councilor Coleman asked if sheriff’s department had found out who had stolen the school’s BBQ and who broke into the school.  Segeant Case said they do not have any suspects, and they have not located the stolen items. 


Councilor Kovachy had some kids push through his locked gate at his house to ask for cans.  He inquired if this could be associated with the home break in down the street from him.  Sergeant Case said they have had several calls of home invasions and could possibly be connected.


Sheriff’s deputies working with the postal inspector served a warrant on a home on Huffman Street for forged checks and identity theft.  No suspects were arrested but they did confinscate equipment connected to the case.




Oregon Department of Transportation has assessed the speed limit on Creekside Road, Main Street, Frontage Road, North Main Street, and South Main Street.   In their speed zone investigation report the following recommendations were made: 


                              Section                                                 Existing                  Recommended

·        From I-5 SB off ramp to Gazley Bridge Road           55 MPH                              35 MPH

·        From Gazley Bridge Road to I-5 NB off ramp          55 MPH                              40 MPH

·        From I-5 NB off ramp to 150’ NW of Long St.        45 MPH                              40 MPH

·        From 150’ NW of Long St. to 100’ NW of Long St. 35 MPH                              40 MPH

·        From 100’ NW of Long St. to 130’ S of Oak St.       35 MPH                              30 MPH

·        From 130’ S of Oak St. to 1st Street                         25 MPH                              25 MPH

·        From 1st Street to 3rd Street                                     25 MPH                              25 MPH


It is Superintendent Lakey’s recommendation that the council accept these speed limit changes on the  above sections of road way.  Council did not object to the recommended changes by ODOT.


Bridge inspections have been done on Hamlin Drive and South Main Street city-owned bridges.  There are some repairs that need to be made which have not been budgeted for nor does Public Works have the experience to make these repairs.  Superintendent Lakey is in the process of contacting an Oregon grant agency and the Bridge Inspection coordinator to see if there is any financial assistance the city can seek to help with these repairs.  It is a possiblity the city will have to budget for these repairs in the 2015 budget. 


All lines have been cleared through the Elliott Street storm drain which runs under Gross Loop and the ODOT yard.  In telescoping the line an old corregated pipe was discovered and found to have the entire bottom rusted out which is creating a void under the roadway.  Work on this repair will start Tuesday.




Administrator Evans checked with the Technical Assistance grant administrator for the timeline of when the grants would be awarded for development of the water master plan.  He said it will probably be the middle of December before they award the grants.  They had originally hoped to award the grants in November but apparently it is taking longer to review them.  They have a lot of applications submitted and the competition for the limited amount of money they have is extremely competitive.


We have completed the final steps for the environment assessment!  The public comment   period for the City’s determination that there will be no significant environmental impact was up on Tuesday, November 12, 2013.  There was only one comment received which was from Douglas County Planning supporting the City’s project.


The Mayor signed the Request for Release of funds on November 12, 2013, and it has been sent to Infra Structure Financing (IFA).  There is a 15-day comment period at the Federal level before the funds can be released.  We should receive approval by the first part of December.


The engineer has completed all the bid documents and they have been reviewed and approved by the state for compliance with the grant regulations.  It is anticipated that we will advertise for bid right after the first of the year.


Administrator Evans checked in with Jacob Callister, planning assistant, to see where the Falk Annexation application is in the process.  So far the application has not been deemed complete due to the need for additional information addressing the population. He has made several attempts to contact Falk’s consultants to see if they wish to proceed with the application and is waiting for a definitive answer from them. 


It’s budget time again!  Dawn has begun some preliminary work and we are currently working on the Management Letter that gets included in the audit.  The auditors should have the final document finished by the first of the year so it is anticipated there will be a presentation at the January meeting.


City Hall is beginning to get quite a few planning and zoning questions.  Most of the questions are for housing, however there are a few for possible businesses. None of them anticipate building new buildings.






1.    In Packet:


2.    Available for Inspection:

a)                Seniors Escorting Seniors – Oct 2013 Report

Council  asked if the new format was easier to understand.  Administrator Evans commented that it still was not perfectly clear.



1.      Planning Commission Regular Session – Wednesday, December 11, 2013 @ 7:00 p.m.

November planning meeting is cancelled.

2.      City Council Regular Session – Monday, December 16, 2013 @ 7:00 p.m.


XI.            ADJOURNMENT

Being no further business Council President Braudt adjourned the meeting at 8:28 p.m.


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Dawn Bennett, Bookkeeper                                                      Frank Braudt, Council President           


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