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February 12, 2013

I.                          Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance:

Commissioner Emory called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and all joined in the Pledge of Allegiance.


II.              Special Matters:

1.      Administer Oath of Office

a)      Dana Ravera

b)     Doug Sales

c)      Norval Weigel

Deputy Recorder Beckman administered the Oath of Office to the newly appointed Commissioners.


III.             Roll Call:

COMMISSION PRESENT:       Chairman Emory, Commissioners Weigel, Sales, Ravera and Hill.

COMMISSION ABSENT:         Commissioners Butler and Boyè were excused.

STAFF PRESENT:                    Administrator/Recorder Evans, Deputy Recorder Beckman and Superintendent Lakey.

STAFF ABSENT:                     None.


IV.             Agenda Review/Additions:



V.              Approval of Minutes –

1.      Regular Session / 10-24-12

Commissioner Hill moved, Commissioner Weigel seconded a motion to approve the minutes of the 10-24-12 Regular Session meeting as written.  All voted “yes”.  The motion carried.


VI.             Public Hearings:

1.   Conditional Use Permit, City of Canyonville WWTP, 1052 Hamlin Drive, Canyonville.


*    Chairman Emory asked if any Commissioner wished to disqualify his or herself for any

      conflict of interest in this matter or report any ex-parte contacts.

1.      There were none.


*    Chairman Emory opened the Public Hearing on the application for a Conditional Use Permit to expand the Wastewater Treatment Plant onto the property located at 1052 Hamlin Drive.


*    Chairman Emory called for the staff report:

      1.   Administrator/Recorder Evans read the hearings disclosure statement.

2.   Administrator/Recorder Evans referenced the following Staff Report:  


*    REQUEST: 

The applicant is requesting approval of a conditional use permit to expand the existing sewer treatment plant on to the adjacent property 1052 Hamlin. The City of Canyonville is under a mandate to update the sewer treatment plant to meet current regulations and future capacity.  The existing site is extremely limited in space which restricts the City’s ability to select alternative treatment processes.  With the addition of the property at 1052 Hamlin the City will have enough room to convert the plant to a membrane treatment.  The membrane treatment process will eliminate odors and is $3,000,000.00 less than the previously proposed treatment process.


The subject property is located in the single family residential zone which permits public utilities through the conditional use process.


The City’s Engineer, Steve Major, circulated a hard copy of a power point presentation that he gave to the Commissioners.  Referencing the power point Mr. Major highlighted the improvements to the Wastewater Treatment Plant project.  He explained in detail Phases I and II of the project.  The power point contained maps of the site plan as well as a detailed outline of the sewer plant upgrade.


Discussion:  The Commissioners discussed the cost of the improvements, the processing of the wastewater, the site locations of the improvements, the flood plain and the impact to existing housing near the Wastewater Treatment Plant.


            Administrator/Recorder Evans’ Staff Report continued as follows:


CRITERIA 1:  The site size, dimensions, location, topography and access are adequate for the needs of the proposed use, considering the proposed building mass, parking, traffic, noise, vibration, exhaust/emissions, light, glare, erosion, odor, dust, visibility, safety and aesthetic considerations.


1a. The sewer treatment plant upgrade is a two phase project with some work being completed at the existing site and some new construction being completed on the new subject property.  The following components are included in the proposed project and the development occurring on the new subject property is indicated by an asterisk.

Phase 1 consists of:


*Influent pumping station

Alum Feed

Dechlorination System

Effluent Disposal (outfall)


Phase 2

*Membrane bioreactor

*Equipment building

UV disinfection

Operations Building


Structural repair to existing basins

*Electrical service

Stanby generator

Non potable pumps


Screw press

Biosolids building


1b. The subject property is located in a residential (R1) area at the end of a dead end street and immediately adjacent to the existing sewer treatment plant site.  The property is one acre in size which will provide the necessary room for the City to construct a new head works, influent pumping station, membrane bioreactor and equipment building.  The Canyonville Municipal Code allows public utilities in the residential zone through the conditional use process.  


1c.  The existing sewer treatment plant is located at the confluence of Canyon Creek and the Umpqua River.  There is no other property in the vicinity that could be utilized for the upgrade of the plant.  The subject property is the only flat property adjacent to the existing site.


1d. If the City is not able to utilize the subject property for the upgrade of the sewer plant the City will not be able to change the process to the membrane bioreactor.  The City will be forced to upgrade the existing treatment process which will cost approximately $3,000,000.00 more to construct.


1e.  The current sewer treatment process is a conventional activated sludge process. The odors from a MBR plant are typically less than from a conventional plant because there is a higher concentration of mixed liquor, bugs, which are less susceptive to foreign substances.  Dumping of chemicals into the collection system could kill the bugs of a conventional plant quicker due to their lower concentrations.  As the bugs die odors are produced.


1f.  The pumps for the pump station are submersible pumps that will be enclosed in a wet well hatch with a safety grate on top.  This will eliminate any potential noise impact.


1g. The site is accessed off of the graveled portion of Hamlin Road.  The City maintains the gravel portion of Hamlin Road and keeps it in good repair even though this portion of the road actually belongs to the County.  All the roads and parking areas within the sewer plant facility will be paved at the completion of phase 2 of the project.


1h. Expansion of the existing sewer treatment plant will not increase vehicular traffic or change the type of current vehicular traffic.  There will be an increase to traffic during the construction phase and the City will make sure Hamlin Road is maintained in good condition.


CRITERIA 2:  The negative impacts of the proposed use on adjacent properties and on the public can be mitigated through application of other code standards or other reasonable conditions of approval.


2a.   The proposed improvements that will be located on the subject property are head works, influent pump station, membrane treatment tank and a new equipment building.


2b.   The existing treatment plant was constructed in 1955 on the lot directly to the north of 1052 Hamlin.  With the exception of a few days in the summer prior to hauling of sludge it has harmoniously existed with adjacent properties. Prior to hauling of sludge in the summer the plant produces an odor on extremely hot days. The increased capacity for the aerobic digester coupled with a biosolids dewatering unit will eliminate summer odor problems associated with sludge processing.


2c.  The subject property is located within the 100 and 500 year floodplain.  All construction must comply with the City’s floodplain regulations.  Structures must be elevated a minimum of 1 foot above the 100 year flood elevation and 1 inch above the 500 year flood plain elevation, whichever is higher, or be flood proofed.  New sanitary sewerage systems shall be designed to minimize or eliminate infiltration of floodwaters into the systems and discharge from the systems into floodwaters.


2d.   According to the submitted plans the head works will be a below grade structure but the site will be filled to 2 feet above the base flood elevation.  The remainder of the site which will be utilized for structures will be filled to a minimum of 1.5 feet above the base flood elevation.


2e.   Dyer Partnership completed a floodplain analysis to determine the impact of the new construction on the flood waters of the South Umpqua River and Canyon Creek.  The analysis revealed that the 100 year flood plain elevation of Canyon Creek will be raised 0.74 feet due to the new construction.  A survey was conducted to verify no existing buildings would be affected by the increase.  The new construction will have no impact on the South Umpqua River.


2f.    The site will be secured by a 6’ chain link fence with razor wire at the top.


2g. Dyer Partnership completed an environmental assessment in October 2012 to address the projects potential impacts to the environment.  The assessment addressed land use, floodplain, wetlands, cultural resource, biological resources, water quality, socio-economic and environmental justifications. air quality, noise, and transportation.  All of the appropriate agencies were contacted for comments and their concerns have been addressed. The entire report is included as a finding for the application.


2h.   Any potential environmental impacts will be addressed through the permitting process.  Dyer Partnership has begun the permit process with the following permitting agencies.

·          Army Corp of Engineers/Division of State Lands Joint Permit

·          Department of Environmental Quality 401 Certification

·          ODFW Fish Passage Permit

·          NMFS Essential Fish Habitat Permit

·     State Historic Preservation Office Dig Permit

·     Douglas County floodplain approval for the existing site


2i.  Most of the above referenced permits are not required for Phase 1 which is the portion occurring on the subject property.  However, the entire project has been submitted with the environmental applications.


2j.    Phase 1 of the project is being funded with Federal money from the Community Development Block Grant.  The funding is contingent upon the City complying with all Federal, State and City regulations.  Insuring compliance with environmental issues will be reviewed and approved by many government agencies prior to beginning construction.




1.      The City will need to complete a pre-elevation to establish existing grade; a “Building Under Construction” and a “Finished Construction” elevation certificate with photos of finished exterior.


2.   The City must obtain all the required permits and comply with any specific conditions listed in the permits.


CRITERIA 3:  All Required public facilities have adequate capacity to serve the proposal.


3a. The sewer plant upgrade will not only bring the sewer plant into compliance with existing environmental regulations, it will also provide additional capacity for new development.





Approve the Conditional Use Permit to expand the sewer plant onto the property located at 1052 Hamlin subject to the conditions listed in the Staff Report.


*    Chairman Emory asked if anyone in the audience wished to speak in favor of the request.

      There were none.


*    Chairman Emory asked if anyone in the audience wished to speak against the request.

      There were none.


*    Chairman Emory closed the public hearing.


Chairman Emory asked if there was any further discussion from the Commissioners.

Discussion:  Mr. Major noted that due to the decision to use MBR for processing there will actually be less noise and odor impacting the surrounding homes than there is with current WWTP processing.


Commissioner Hill moved, Commissioner Sales seconded a motion to approve the Conditional Use Permit to expand the sewer plant onto the property located at 1052 Hamlin subject to the conditions listed in the Staff Report.  All voted “yes”.  The motion carried.


VII.            Business from the Public:



VIII.          Other Commission Business:

1.      Statement of Economic Interest Filing / Memo, Deputy Recorder Beckman

Deputy Recorder Beckman noted that the Commissioners will be getting notice of filing of the Statement of Economic Interest in the mail sometime in March.  She further noted that the City would do one mailing for all by certified mail if the Commissioners wanted to bring their forms to City Hall to be filed.


IX.             Correspondence:



X.              Announcements:

1.      City Council – Tuesday, February 19, 2013 @ 7:00 pm

2.      Planning – Wednesday, March 13, 2013 @ 7:00 pm


XI.             Adjourn:

                  Being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.



SUBMITTED BY:                                                            APPROVED BY:



_____________________________                         _____________________________

Joan Beckman, Deputy Recorder                                John Emory, Chairman


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