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Monday June 16, 2014




I.                          CALL TO ORDER AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:


Mayor Deaton called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and all joined in the Pledge of Allegiance.


II.        ROLL CALL:

COUNCIL PRESENT:    Mayor Deaton, Councilors Parker, Braudt, Coleman, Kovachy, Loomis and Barton.

COUNCIL ABSENT:      none.

STAFF PRESENT:         Administrator/Recorder Evans, Public Works Superintendent Lakey, and

  Finance Deputy Recorder Bennett.

STAFF ABSENT:           None








          Steve Kelly, Superintendent of Schools, proudly informed the Council that out of 96 graduating seniors 36 have been accepted to Western Oregon University.  There are 65 seniors whom are college bound and 5 going into the military with scholarships.  They have a total of around $1.9 million in scholarships that have been awarded this year.  There is a UCC scholars program which 14 seniors are eligible for and so far 10 of them are taking advantage of the program.




1.      Approval of Regular Session Minutes for 05-19-14


Councilor Barton moved, Councilor Kovachy seconded a motion to approve the regular session minutes for 5-19-14.  All voted “yes”.  The motion carried.









            1.  Resolution No. 621 authorizing the submittal of the application for the Small City Allotment Grant.


Approximately every two years the Oregon Department of Transportation awards a grant to small cities for a paving project.  This year the City is submitting to overlay SE Canyon Street from Third Street to Fifth Street.  The city engineer estimates the project cost to be $69,920.00.  The City has been saving money in the street fund since 2011 and has enough money to pay the City’s share of $20,000.00.


Before the City can submit the grant application the Council must approve a resolution declaring the intent to submit the proposed project and certifying the project meets the minimum grant requirements.


Councilor Barton moved, Councilor Loomis seconded a motion to adopt Resolution No. 621 authorizing the submittal of SE Canyon from Third Street to Fifth Street for the Small City Allotment Grant.  All voted “yes”. The motion carried.

2.  Resolution No. 618 declaring the City’s election to receive state revenue funds.


After the City certifies to the state that they meet the eligibility requirements the City must then declare its intent to receive the money.  Resolution 618 declares the City’s intent to receive State Revenues.


Councilor Parker requested to add Pine Street from First Street to 5th Street for the next resurfacing project.

Mayor Deaton suggested creating a 5 year plan for street repairs.


Councilor Barton moved, Councilor Loomis seconded a motion to adopt Resolution No. 618 declaring the City ‘s election to receive state revenue funds.   All voted “yes”. The motion carried


2.      Resolution No. 620 authorizing the Mayor and City Administrator to sign all documents for the USDA

Rural Development grant/loan application.


The City is in the process of applying for a loan/grant package from USDA Rural Development to fund half of the Phase 2 construction.  The application is for $4,950,950.00 which they have promised will be $1.5 million in grant and the rest in a low interest loan.  The terms of the application require that the submittal and associated documents be signed by an authorized agent of the City and that documentation of that authority also be provided.


Resolution No. 620 authorizes the Mayor and City Administrator to sign any required documents for the application. The City Administrator is added to the authority just in case the Mayor is not available.


City Administrator Evans added that the application and all required documentation, except for getting two bank denials for financing, are complete. 


Councilor Kovachy moved, Councilor Loomis seconded a motion to adopt Resolution No. 620 and authorize the Mayor and City Administrator to sign all pertinent documents for the USDA Rural Development gran/loan application. 


After discussing the language of the motion Councilor Kovachy amended his motion.


Councilor Kovachy moved, Councilor Loomis seconded a motion to amend the motion to say, “to adopt Resolution No. 620 and authorize the Mayor and/or City Administrator to sign all documents required for the USDA Rural Development grant/loan application”.  All voted “yes”. The motion carried.


3.      Appointment to Library Boad


After advertising for the opening on the Library Advisory Board, one (1) application has been received for the term ending 12/31/20  .


Carol Hilderbrand asked the council to review the application from Lona Lenoir and approve her appointment to the position if she meets all the requirements.


Councilor Barton moved, Councilor Loomis seconded a motion to accept Leno Lenoir’s application to the Library Advisory Board.  All voted “yes”.  The motion carried.

4.      League of Oregon Cities priority legislation


The City received a list of topics that the League of Oregon Cities will consider adding to the League’s 2014 legislative agenda.  They are requesting that each City vote for their top 4 concerns.  After reviewing the list, the ones that directly relate to Canyonville are as follows:

·        Community Development items C & D

·        Energy item F

·        Finance and Taxation items G, H and I

·        General Government items K & L

·        Human Resources items N,O & P.

·        Telecommunications item Q & R

·        Transportation item S

·        Water/Wastewater item U


A poll was taken of each councilor as to what their four preverances were.  The four topics with the most votes were:

·        General Government item L

·        Telecommunications item Q & R

·        Water/Wastewater item U


Councilor Braudt moved, Councilor Loomis seconded a motion to select items L,Q, R, & U for the City’s picks for adding to the League’s 2014 legislative agenda.  All voted “yes”.  The motion carried.

5.      Donation request from Chamber Foundation.


The Chamber of Commerce Foundation is requesting a donate for the Youth/Community Center.  The Chamber has leased the old Youth Center at the school and is raising money to renovate the center into a Community Center with a certified kitchen.  They are requesting a one-time donation.


At the April 26, 2007 Budget meeting a motion was made to cap the donations and reduce them to half of the prior amounts and not accept any new recipients.  Since that date the same organizations have received funding every year.  However, the Chamber is not asking for an annual donation it would be a one-time only donation.


If Council desires to contribute to the Community Center renovation project the money could be used from the Community Project Fund line item for Gifts-rewards/vandalism/park.  Every year there is $500.00 budgeted in this line item and the money has never been expended.


Councilor Coleman added that the Ford Foundation will cover 70% of the cost through a grant if the chamber is able to get community backing financially. 


Many considered the youth center a very worthwhile project for the community as a whole.  Some asked if it was worth setting a precedent for any other groups coming to the council and asking for a one time only donation over the policy already in place by a resolution for giving donations to specific groups only. Any change in the policy could make it difficult for the budget committee to decide on how much should be budgeted each year for donations.


Mayor Deaton recommended voting on the motion now and then have staff prepare documents on a policy for annual and/or one time donations for the next meeting.


Councilor Braudt moved, Councilor Coleman seconded a motion to make a one time only donation of $1,000.00 to the Chamber Foundation to come from a transfer from the General Fund Contingency to the Community Project Fund  line item gifts 01-16-64155.  Mayor Deaton, Councilor Braudt, Councilor Coleman, and Councilor Barton voted “yes”.  Councilor Loomis, Councilor Kovachy, and Councilor Parker voted  “no”.  The motion carried.





Sergent Bean updated the Council on the number of calls and citations issued in Canyonville.  The Sheriff’s Department responded to 300 calls for the month.  There were disturbance calls, 6 warrant arrests, several meth arrests, 33 traffic violations, and 1 fatal traffic accident right outside of town.




The water plant is still running good.  Staff is gathering data and finishing up with mapping, along with  completing extensive tours with the engineers of the facilities, reservoirs, and storage facilities.


There was a leak on First Street that has been plaguing Public Works for some time which has been located and will be fixed.  Another  water leak on Byron Street was located and repaired. 


The daily crowd that was a nuisance in the park has moved out of the area since the moratorium was put into place by the Council. 


Public Works Superintendent Lakey reported that all but one of the  people living in the travel trailer behind Bead Mecca are gone. 


Mayor Deaton had received a call from Randy Camp regarding the sign for the Umpqua Fishermen’s Steelhead Acclimation Pond in Canyonville.  Mr. Camp has been unable to respond to Superintendent Lakey’s calls due to an unexpected sickness.  He did say that he would get back with Mr. Lakey as soon as he can get caught up.



Administrator Evans will be on vacation from June 23rd through July 1st.  Finance Deputy Recorder Bennett will be in charge.  If anything comes up Administrator Evans will have her cell phone handy.


The City has received two bills from the contractor for Phase 1 on the sewer plant totaling $168,000.  We have not paid these bills yet, but have turned them in to CDBG for payment to the city. 


Dr. Falk is still working on the annexation process on his property. 







1.    Available for Inspection:

a)                Seniors Escorting Seniors –April 2014 Report



1.      Planning Commission Regular Session – Wednesday, July 9, 2014 @ 7:00 p.m.

2.      City Council Regular Session – Monday July 21, 2014 @ 7:00 p.m.





There being no further business Mayor Deaton adjourned the meeting at 9:00 p.m.


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Dawn Bennett, Finance Deputy Recorder                                Robert A. Deaton, Mayor                                             

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