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Monday, August 19, 2013





   Mayor Deaton called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and all joined in the Pledge of


II.        ROLL CALL:

   COUNCIL PRESENT:    Mayor Deaton, Councilors Braudt, Coleman, Kovachy, Loomis, Barton and Parker.

   COUNCIL ABSENT:      None.

   STAFF PRESENT:         Administrator/Recorder Evans, Superintendent Lakey, and Bookkeeper Bennett.

   STAFF ABSENT:           None.








            Dr. Anna Tiwari and Debra Hopkins presented a new mural sketch, being proposed by 
  the Ford family leadership, to be located on the triangular piece of City Hall’s south wall 
  above the window.  When the mural was shown to Kay Cooksley to coordinate efforts with 
  the Seventh Day Adventist project she suggested moving the bear from the front of the 
  mural so the wagon can be the focal point instead of the bear, which will tie in more closely 
  with the murals that will be added to the front of City Hall.

          Mayor Deaton moved the mural discussion to Council Business as number 3.


                    Steve Kelly Superintendent of Umpqua School District introduced Dan Cohnstaedt the 
  new High School Principle to the council.  There are rumors floating around about the school 
  paying for a new gymnasium floor with money that could be used for teachers pay.  
  Actually,  South Umpqua boosters and Seven Feathers Casino are providing the money to 
  pay for the new floor.  Also, the gym locker room and lockers have received a fresh coat of 
  paint.  A new partnership between the high school and Umpqua Community College is in the 
  process of creating a blended campus where regional metals, fire science, culinary arts, and 
  some regular classes can be offered at the high school for south county residents.




  1.      Approval of Regular Session minutes for 7-15-13 and Special Session 7-29-13 


  Councilor Barton moved, Councilor  Loomis  seconded a motion to approve the Regular Session 
  minutes for 7-15-13 and Special Session 7-29-13 as written.  All voted “yes”.  The motion 




            City Administrator Evans and Council President Braudt met with Steve Vincent and Ryan 
            Forsloff from

  Avista gas, to negotiate a new non-exclusive franchise fee contract. The new contract raises  
  the fee to 5% from 3% and sets a term of 10 years with an automatic yearly renewal 
  thereafter, until it is either renewed for an additional 10 years or terminated by either 
  party.  City Attorney Gary Darnell reviewed and approved as written.   


  Mayor Deaton opened the public hearing on the proposed Ordinance 623 granting Avista gas 
           a non
exclusive franchise.


  Mayor Deaton asked if anyone wished to speak either in favor of or opposed to the 
           Ordinance  623. 


  Steve Vincent of Avista explained they added additional language to improve the clarity for  
            the city.

  He noted that Oregon Administration Rules allow them to pass on any franchise tax over 3% 
            as a line item,
through a surcharge fee on each bill.  City Administrator Evans explained that 
            all the other utilities are paying 5% and the gas franchise should be paying the same.  


  Councilors Parker and Kovachy felt that increasing the franchise fee amounted to another 
            tax for the
citizens.  Councilor Parker felt that the item should have been brought to the 
            council for discussion prior to
negotiations with Avista.


  There was much discussion regarding the fairness of one utility paying a lower franchise fee 
            then the rest of
the utilities.  Based on the average gas bill the 2% would equate to $1.60 
            per month.


   Mayor Deaton closed the public hearing.


   Council President Braudt moved, Councilor Barton seconded a motion to adopt Ordianance  
            623 granting 
Avista gas a non-exclusive franchise.  All voted.  Voting in Favor were Mayor  
            Deaton and Councilors
Barton, Loomis, Braudt, and Coleman. Voting against were Councilors 
            Parker and Kovachy. The motion




   1.      Seniors Escorting Seniors


There has been some confusion regarding the transportation of seniors to Riddle for senior meals and the council requested a representative from Seniors Escorting Seniors to be present at the council meeting to answer any question and rectify any problems. Toby Ann Perry addressed the council with a little history of Seniors Escorting Seniors.  The service was started in 1999 and intended to serve the south Douglas County area only.  They have recently moved to Sutherlin and merged with the Dial-A-Ride service.  Seniors Escorting Seniors offers bus transportation to and from the senior center in Riddle every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.


There have been complaints from two ladies at Forest Glen and one at Holiday Gardens that they have not been able get rides to Riddle for the senior meals.  Toby Ann Perry and George Radould, president of Seniors Escorting Seniors, explained that Seniors Escorting Seniors have only one van that serves all of south county, but do have the ability to send a Dial-A-Ride bus if the need arises. One of the reasons riders are running into the problem of getting a ride is that Dial-A-Ride receives the calls and makes up the daily manifest for Seniors Escorting Seniors drivers.  Dan Copeland, also from Seniors Escorting Seniors, conveyed that their intent is to provide transportation to all riders, but with the limited finances and vehicles it is sometimes difficult.  Toby Ann Perry did give the city a different number for riders to call if further problems arise with the bus service. 


Council questioned what each of the sections of numbers on the monthly ridership report meant.  The report did not give a clear total of rides throughout the month, which would be more beneficial for the Council.


Council agreed to pay the donation as it was approved in the 2013-2014 Budget.





   2.      Resolution 613 Fair Housing Resolution


The City of Canyonville was required to adopt a Fair Housing Resolution #584 as a condition of the first Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) we received. The Resolution is required because the Community Development Block grant is a Federal Grant from US Department of Housing and Urban Development and administered through Oregon Infrastructure Financing.  The wording in Resolution #584 does not include the new requirement to have transgender language.


Resolution 613 includes all the new language and it has been reviewed and approved by the state for conformance to the grant regulations.


    Councilor Barton motioned, Councilor Parker seconded a motion to adopt Resolution 613     
             establishing Fair
Housing Resolution for the City of Canyonville. All voted “yes”. The motion 


   3.      Ford Family Foundation Leadership mural proposal.


Dr. Anna Tiwari and Debra Hopkins asked the Council to approve the design of the mural to be placed on the south wall of the City Hall building.  The mural will consist of a scene with a covered wagon pulled by oxen along a wooded trail with a black bear in the background watching them.  The mural will be consistent with the theme of murals proposed by the Seventh Day Adventists.


    Council President Braudt moved, Councilor Loomis seconded a motion to approve the revised 
    mural design. All voted “yes”.  The motion carried.     






  Sergeant Case did not have the stats for July but he highlighted some of the major 
   activities that
occurred in June.  He noted Forest Glen is seeing more foot traffic through 
   their yard and incurred
some damage to their gazebo.


  Council asked about what can be done about the group of individuals occupying the park  
    and being a
nuisance.  Sergeant Case explained that there is little they can do.  
    Superintendent Lakey has
approached the individuals asking them to either calm down or 
    move on.




   Superintendent Lakey asked to be contacted if any more problems arise in the park. Over the weekend the storm dropped 1.32” of rain.  The city’s storm drain pipes cannot handle that much rain at one time and the water finds its way into some of the businesses. Superintendent Lakey said they have cleaned debris from all the ditches and grates along the streets and will need to grade Reynolds Street for better drainage.


   A pipe from O’Shea Creek was damaged when a truck ran over it near Huffman Street.  Superintendent Lakey shut off one valve to stop the flow of water but found the water still flowing the next day.  He had to shut off the next valve in the line. They are in the process of repairing the damage.


   Two sewer plant pumps are in need of repair before the rainy season.  Tony is gathering cost estimates and will keep Council posted.


   Will be dredging the backwash pond in the near future and possibly sealing the water plant lab floor.


    Superintendent Lakey has implemented closing the Pioneer Park bathrooms at 4:30 pm and opening them back up at 8:00 am to prevent anymore vandalism.




   We are getting closer to starting the work on the front of City Hall and Administrator Evans wants to emphasize the importance of everyone knowing that the façade is not structurally sound for use by people, it is only for looks.


   Sewer plant Phase I moving ahead slowly.  City has the fish salvage permit application in and Dyer is working on bid documents.  All Phase I permits and the Phase II floodplain permit have to be obtained before going out to bid, which will probably be January 2014.  Councilor Kovachy requested a copy of the biologist’s fish salvage report.  Dyer will be contracting the biologist as they do not have to do all the advertising that the city would have to do.




Councilor Coleman mentioned that teams for the bed races are coming from the surrounding schools.  


  1.    In Packet:


  2.    Available for Inspection:

    a)                Seniors Escorting Seniors – July 2013 Report



  1.      Planning Commission Regular Session – Wednesday, September 11, 2013 @ 7:00 p.m.

  2.      City Council Regular Session – Monday, September 16, 2013 @ 7:00 p.m.


XI.            ADJOURNMENT

  Being no further business Council President Braudt adjourned the meeting at 8:54 p.m.



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Dawn Beebe, Bookkeeper                                                        Robert Deaton, Mayor


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