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Monday, September 20, 2010




I.                               CALL TO ORDER AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE

 Mayor Deaton called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. and all joined in the Pledge of Allegiance.


II.                            ROLL CALL:

COUNCIL PRESENT:             Mayor Deaton, Councilors Braudt, Parker, Kovachy, Coleman, Douglas and Barton.

COUNCIL ABSENT:               None.

STAFF PRESENT:                   Administrator/Recorder Janelle Evans, Deputy Recorder Joan Beckman and Superintendent Tony Lakey.

STAFF ABSENT:                     None.


III.                         AGENDA REVIEW AND/OR ADDITIONS:

Under XII.  NEW BUSINESS ADD:  1a.  Umpqua Security & Alarm Proposal

Councilor Barton moved, Councilor Braudt seconded a motion to approve the Agenda with the addition.  All voted “yes”.  The motion carried.


IV.                          APPROVAL OF MINUTES:

1.                  Regular Session / 8-16-10

Councilor Braudt moved, Councilor Barton seconded a motion to approve the Regular Session 8-16-10 minutes as written.  All voted “yes”.  The motion carried.


V.         CONSENT CALENDAR:     

1.         Financial Reports

a)   Expenses vs. Budget w/o Encumbered (Period 2, August).

b)   Payroll Accrual Register (Period 2, August).

c)   Revenue Analysis (Period 2, August).

Councilor Barton moved, Councilor Braudt seconded a motion to approve the Consent Calendar as presented.  All voted “yes”.  The motion carried.



1.         Planning Commission Openings – Two 4 year terms will be opening effective 12/31/2010 / Memo, Deputy Recorder Joan Beckman

Councilor Braudt moved, Councilor Parker seconded a motion authorizing staff to advertise the two openings on the Planning Commission and notify the incumbents that they were welcome to apply.  All voted “yes”.  The motion carried.            


2.                  Budget Committee Openings – Five openings: Three with terms ending 12/31/2012 – Two with terms ending 12/31/2013 / Memo, Deputy Recorder Joan Beckman

Councilor Braudt moved, Councilor Parker seconded a motion authorizing staff to advertise the three existing openings on the Budget Committee again and to advertise the two positions that will be open on 12/31/10 including inviting the two incumbents to apply if they wish.


Discussion:  The council discussed having applications available at the booth the city plans to have set up at the Pumpkin Festival and to encourage citizen’s to apply for the committee openings. 


All voted “yes”.  The motion carried.



1.                  SHERIFF’S OFFICE

a)      Marty Case

Sergeant Case highlighted the stats for August.

Discussion:  The council generally discussed how Pioneer Days went.  They further discussed what constitutes a drug offense with Sergeant Case.


Superintendent Lakey requested patrolling at Pioneer Park right after dark on Friday and Saturday evenings.  He further noted vandalism that seems to be taking place in the park around that time.


Discussion:  The council generally discussed the vandalism in the park, enforcement of the city’s Parental Responsibility Ordinance and how law enforcement handles juveniles.  The council further offered possible assistance from CCP veterans in staking out the park.


b)      DC Sheriff’s Office Community Newsletter

The Council read the newsletter on their own.


2.                  SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT

Superintendent Lakey highlighted his report adding:

a)       Park - The park benches are getting cracked by skateboarders, he’s spoken with Frank’s Concrete who will seal the benches at no charge to the city.  He further noted that he’s looking into improving surveillance.

b)      O’Shea Creek – Camping gear that was confiscated from the reservoir area will have been held for 30 days soon and Superintendent Lakey asked for direction from the council as to what to do with the gear.

Councilor Parker moved, Councilor Braudt seconded a motion that if no claim was made for the gear by Monday, September 27th  Superintendent Lakey was authorized to dispose of it as directed by the Sheriff’s Department.  All voted “yes”.  The motion carried.


Superintendent Lakey further noted that he had received a confirmed report from Bill’s Towing that a pickup truck had been pulled out of the Winwalker Reservoir.  No fuel or oil spilled into the water.  There was no charge to the city for the tow, the truck owner was responsible.  Public Works was now doing extra patrolling of the watershed areas.


3.                  ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT

Administrator/Recorder Evans highlighted her report noting:

Water for the Chamber’s Welcome to Canyonville Sign – Follow up research revealed that at the 7/21/08 CC Meeting the council had approved supplying water to the sign with the following conditions:

·         Installation of the pipe and hookup would be at the Chamber’s expense, including a backflow device

·         If the property with the meter was sold, SDC’s would need to be paid for another residential meter

·         The Council agreed to the city providing at no cost a maximum of 300 gallons of water per month to the feature.  If the consumption goes over the 300 gallons the chamber would need to request for an increase or pay for the overage

Administrator/Recorder Evans further noted that upon discussion with Superintendent Lakey a temporary hose hookup would be allowed for 3 months and at that point it would need to have a permanent pipe.


Discussion:  The council generally discussed the amount of water the feature might use, who would be billed for the overage and that the property the feature is on belongs to ODOT.  Administrator/Recorder Evans further noted that staff would be monitoring the usage.


Administrator/Recorder Evans noted that the city had been awarded a $700,000 grant from OCDB, she highlighted what the funds will be used for and the next steps for the sewer plant upgrade.



a)      Library Board:

Councilor Kovachy reported the results from his attendance to the 9/9/10 Library Board Meeting noting:

·         A book sale will be held in October

·         Commissioners want a 35% budget cut for the library’s 2011/2012 budget

·         Library foundation was now looking into forming a library district

·         Librarians were concerned as to how this will affect their pay, benefits, etc

·         The Board discussed the Days Creek student’s Senior Project to improve the front of the library and that she might find assistance from the job corps out of Glide

·         Their next meeting will be 11/4/10 @ 6pm

b)      Fire Department:


c)      Downtown Association:


d)      Other









X.         INTRODUCTION OF ORDINANCES & RESOLUTIONS (Not Requiring a Public Hearing):

1.         RESOLUTION NO. 580 – A Resolution Declaring Two Air Conditioners As Surplus and Providing For Its Destruction and Disposition / Memo, Administrator/Recorder Janelle Evans   

Administrator/Recorder Evans noted that this resolution was the result of the 8/16/10 CC Meeting discussion regarding 2 extra broken air conditioners needing to be declared surplus.

Councilor Kovachy moved, Councilor Braudt seconded a motion to adopt Resolution No. 580 – A Resolution Declaring Two Air Conditioners As Surplus and Providing For Its Destruction and Disposition.  All voted “yes”.  The motion carried.



1.         UPDATE Fireman’s Booth Agreement – None  



            1a.       Umpqua Security & Alarm, LLC / Craig Martin

Superintendent Lakey had contacted Mr. Martin regarding the security system currently in use at the park.  Mr. Martin handed out a written proposal to the council.  Mr. Martin stated that he looked at the current system and came up with a proposal for a 16 channel DVR Card at a cost of $679 that would improve the city’s surveillance system.

Discussion:  The council discussed getting input from Sergeant Case regarding the security system, what the actual benefit of the DVR card would be, that this would not improve the quality of the picture, the need for lighting, new cameras, cost and that they would rather look at a more comprehensive proposal.  The council also generally discussed vandalism in the park and restrooms.  The council further discussed getting more than one bid for what the city wants for surveillance.


1b.       Park Use Agreement Waiver / Memo, Administrator/Recorder Janelle Evans

Administrator/Recorder Evans noted that at the 8/16/10 Council Meeting staff was directed to review the park rules for any waivers that would be required to accommodate the use of the park for the Canyonville Haunted House event.  The areas that would need waivers were the following:

·         Using masking tape only to affix signs or decorations

Ø  The applicant will be converting the pavilion into a Haunted House with free standing walls but decorations will need to be secured within the house

·         Picnic tables are not to be moved or removed without previous written authorization from the city

Ø  The applicant plans to remove the tables from the pavilion area

·         All use shall cease by 10:00 pm unless approved in advance by the city

Ø  The applicant plans to have activities that will go beyond 10:00 pm

Billy Burkhert noted that other than free standing walls, they would only be using bailing wire.  He further noted that he would move the picnic tables wherever the city wanted him to, that Saturday & Sunday there would be a concert until 11pm and Halloween night the Haunted House would be open until midnight.


Councilor Braudt moved, Councilor Douglas seconded a motion to approve all three waivers for the Canyonville Haunted House Event in the park for all three nights. 


Discussion:  The council generally discussed where the tables would be moved to, authorizing the same waivers that are given to the Pioneer Days Event and the potential noise level.


All voted “yes”.  The motion carried.


2.                  Heating/Cooling for Council Chambers / Memo, Administrator/Recorder Janelle Evans

Administrator/Recorder Evans noted that the library’s heating and air conditioning unit could be tapped into in order to provide heat and air to the council chambers, that a price quote of $650 had been obtained for the work and with the council’s approval the city could move ahead with the duct work.


Councilor Barton moved, Councilor Coleman seconded a motion to authorize staff to proceed with the project and spend up to $650.00 for the installation of the duct work.  All voted “yes”.  The motion carried.


3.                  Lane Co. School District 4-J Radio Tower / Email – Randy Larson, Operations Mgr

Randy Larson highlighted his email to the council noting that they thought that all interference problems had been resolved and that many efforts had been made to try to eliminate the interference.  He has worked with Pacific Power, Frontier Communications and Charter with open or unterminated lines and grounding issues.  He further noted that they have met and exceeded FCC safety requirements.  Mr. Larson stated that he was not aware that the Wheatley’s were still having interference from the Radio Tower.  He noted that it seems to be a grounding issue and offered at the Radio Station’s expense to have Erwin Hackett from Day & Night Electric visit the Wheatley’s residence and look at their electrical situation or any grounding problems.


Larry and Dania Wheatley, 590 Fairchild St – stated they are still experiencing interference through their digital equipment, telephone, cassette recorder CD and phonograph player, and television, that Mr. Wheatley is a musician and he was unable to do any recording because of the interference.  They further noted that there are 3 main areas of concern:

·         The proximity of the tower to their home

·         The possible adverse affect to their property value

·         They are prepared to go to litigation


Mr. Larson noted that he even checked with the antenna manufacturer who suggested changing the location of the tower toward the back of the hill and raise it 20’.  Mr. Larson also stated that they are going to have an independent engineer come down to analyze the RF System and also do an electrical analysis to see if it’s actually getting into the power system.  He was still going to follow up with Pacific Power.


Discussion:  The council discussed having looked into safety issues prior to approving the radio tower, Mr. Larson talking with Pacific Power, letting the council know what Pacific Power has to say and contacting the council regarding any changes in location of the tower.  


4.                  Wastewater Treatment Plant Update / Memo, Administrator/Recorder Janelle Evans

Administrator/Recorder Evans updated the council on the sewer plant upgrade and noted the importance of beginning to educate the public about the project.  She further noted that as a beginning step to inform the public, the city would like to have an informational booth at the Pumpkin Festival to show a power point presentation that had been prepared and answer questions.

                        Administrator/Recorder Evans then showed the council the power point.


** Mayor Deaton called for a 10 minute recess at 9:05

** The council reconvened at 9:15                     


Discussion:  The council generally discussed marketing strategies including the power point, sign-up sheets for tours to the sewer plant, CD’s, public notices, newspaper ads, water bill mailers, fact sheets, question and answer sheets, direct mailing in different modes, town hall meetings, utilizing the city’s web site and showing the power point on a TV at the front desk in city hall.  They also discussed staff and council being on the same page with the same information and the need to make a good effort in public awareness.  The consensus of the council for now was to show the power point at the Pumpkin Festival, hand out fact sheets and have staff and council available to answer questions.  This will be just the first step with other public informational steps to follow.  The council also discussed a partial increase in the sewer rate for next July.


5.                  Engenium Proposal-Sewer Plant Upgrade / Memo, Administrator/Recorder Janelle Evans

Administrator/Recorder Evans highlighted her memo to the council.

Councilor Barton moved, Councilor Kovachy seconded a motion to decline to enter into an agreement with Engenium, LLC for $25,000.00 to handle the public relations for the sewer plant upgrade. 


Discussion:  The council generally discussed that they felt at this time between staff and council the city could handle the public relations for the sewer plant upgrade.


All voted “yes”.  The motion carried.



Patti McCollum, 18345 Tiller Trail Hwy, Days Creek spoke in behalf of the upcoming Pumpkin Festival to be held on October 9, 2010.  Ms. McCollum requested a sponsorship donation from the council of $100 or $50, whichever the council decided was appropriate according to policy.

Councilor Kovachy moved, Councilor Douglas seconded a motion to donate $50 as the city’s sponsorship for the upcoming Pumpkin Festival.   All voted “yes”.  The motion carried.



1.                   8-17-10 Patti McCollum/Council Decision on Pavilion Use of the Canyonville Haunted House

2.                   8-30-10 Dept of Energy/Business Energy Tax Credit Pass Through Partner

3.             9-1-10 City of Canyonville to Warren & Paula Soblosky/Pass Through Partners

4.             8-30-10 CDBG Acceptance Notification/Infrastructure Finance Authority

5.             9-1-10 United States Dept of Commerce / US Census Bureau



1.                   Seniors Escorting Seniors – August 2010 Report

2.                   8-19-10 Request Randy Larson’s attendance 9-20-10 CC Meeting

3.                   8-24-10 Invitation to 9-21-10 CC Meeting/Mr. & Mrs. Larry Wheatley



1.                   Planning Commission Regular Session – Thursday, October 7, 2010 @ 7:00 p.m.

2.                   City Council Regular Session – Monday, October 18, 2010 @ 7:00 p.m.


** Being no further business the Regular Session adjourned at 9:55 pm.


Submitted by:                                                                         




Joan Beckman, Deputy Recorder                                  


** Mayor Deaton called for a 2 minute break before opening the Executive Session.




I.                               CALL TO ORDER


II.                DISCUSSION:  ORS 192.660 (2) (d) To conduct deliberations with persons designated by the governing body to carry on labor negotiations. 




XVII.                  ADJOURNMENT


Approved by:




Robert A. Deaton, Mayor


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