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     City of Canyonville                                                   

250 N Main, Canyonville, OR 97417
         541-839-4258 or 541-839-4020
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    The City of Canyonville has vacancies in the office for Mayor and three
                                     (3) City Councilor Positions.

    To qualify as a candidate for Mayor or City Councilor you must:

    1.    Be a qualified elector under the state constitution;

    2.    Have resided in the city during the 12 months immediately before being elected.
           You may not seek candidacy in more than one elective office.

    There are two ways a candidate's name can be placed on the ballot:
    1.    Candidate must obtain signatures on form SEL 121 from 10% of the registered voters of the city
           or by no fewer than 25 electors, whichever is less.  The deadline for filing petitions starts
           June 6, 2016 and ends August 19, 2016.
  The petitions must be filed
           with the City Recorder.

    2.    Or, a candidate must complete the SEL101 election form, file it with the City Recorder and pay
           $10.00 fee prior to beginning their campaign.  The deadline for filing the form and fee starts 
           June 6, 2016 and ends August 19, 2016.      

    The following Election Forms are for candidates use:

            Candidate Information Packet -  Gives all the details for a candidate to run for office in the
                            November 8, 2016 election.

            City Charter - For each candidate to print out and read.

            SEL 101 - Candidate Filing Major Political Party or Nonpartisan identifies the candidate
                            and office being sought.  Filing this form with the City Recorder declares candidacy.
                            Complete both sides, sign, and date the form.

            SEL 121 - Candidate Signature Sheet - Nonpartisan will be circulated to obtain signatures 
                            from electors supporting your candidacy after you have filed a sample of the form
                            with the City Recorder.  On the sample filed with the City Recorder, you must 
                            complete the top portion; enter your signature, etc. on line and sign as circulator.  
                            The top portion of all petitions used for circulation must be completed in the same
                            manner as the sample filed with the City Recorder.

            SEL 338 - Petition Submission - Candidate Voters Pamphlet - Form that provides the
                            number of signatures submitted for verification by completing and filing candidacy by

            SEL 220 - Statement of Organization & SEL 223 Campaign Account Information - Every
                            candidate and prospective candidate is required to establish a candidate committee by
                            opening a campaign account and filing a Statement of Organization SEL 220 and 
                            Campaign Account Information for SEL 223 within 3 business days of receiving or 
                            spending any money to support the candidate.  A candidate may either serve as the 
                            candidate's own treasurer or may appoint a separate treasurer.  A candidate who
                            serves as their own treasurer, does not have an existing candidate committee and 
                            who does not expect to receive or spend more than $750.00 for the entire election
                            is not required to establish a campaign account, file a Statement of Organization or
                            contribution and expenditure reports.  However, if at any time they exceed $750.00 in
                            either contributions or expenditures, they must establish a campaign account, file a 
                            Statement of Organization and file contribution and expenditure reports within 3 
                            business days of receiving or spending any money to support the candidate.


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