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Facility Plan Contents

                                           Table of Contents

                                                    Chapter 1 - 3

                Chapter 1                 Executive Summary

Chapter 2                 Introduction, Purpose and Need

                Chapter 3                 Study Area Characteristics

                                                    Chapter 4 - 9

                Chapter 4                 
Existing Wastewater Facilities

                Chapter 5                Wastewater Flows and Loads

                Chapter 6                 Basis of Planning

                Chapter 7                 Development and Evaluation Alternatives

Chapter 8                 Rate Study

Chapter 9                 Recommended Plan

                                        Appendices A - D

                Appendix A              Douglas County Planning Department Population Letter

Appendix B              Urban Growth Area Management Agreement

Appendix C              Collection System Evaluation from Draft 1998 Wastewater Facilities Plan

                Appendix D              Collection System Repairs and Inspections

Appendices E - K

                Appendix E              Flow Analysis

                Appendix F              NPDES Permit and Mutual Agreement Order

                Appendix G             DEQ Phosphorus Allocation Memorandum

                Appendix H             Effluent Ammonia Limits

                Appendix I               Biosolids Metals Testing Requirements

                Appendix J              Biosolids Report

                Appendix K              Cost Tables


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