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250 N Main, Canyonville, OR 97417
         541-839-4258 or 541-839-4020
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City of Canyonville 


Pioneers of the Past                                                                                                         Pioneers of the Future

250 N. Main Street                                                                                                                           Phone (541) 839-4258 or (541) 839-4020

PO Box 765                                                                Fax (541) 839-4680

Canyonville, OR  97417                                                                                                                   e-mail: city@cityofcanyonville.com







To have services turned on in customer’s name an account needs to be opened. Items needed to open an account are as follows:    

    Application completed

                                             Picture I.D.

                                             Deposit of 2.5 x base (Required by Renters)


The total deposit required is equivalent to 2½ (two and one half) months of the water and/or sewer service rate.  Payment of the deposit is required prior to turning services on.

A current customer’s deposit can be transferred to a new account only if the previous account balance has been paid in full.  If the deposit required for the new account is more than what was on the old account the customer will have to pay the difference.




The monthly billing cycle run from the 16th of one month to the 15th of the following month.




The customer’s first bill is pro-rated by the amount of days the service was on during that billing cycle and consumption.




Statements are sent out between the 27th and the 1st of the following month. Payments are due upon receipt, but are not considered late until the 16th of the month.



CLOSING BILL / REFUND (Renters only)

By the time you have received your REGULAR BILL and it comes due (one month after the meter was read) your meter has accumulated another reading. If during this time you request your water service turned-off then, you will receive a CLOSING BILL that reflects this accumulation since the last reading (the 15th of the previous month through the turn-off date).


CLOSING BILLS (A) are pro-rated by the number of days your water service was on during the billing cycle and does calculate over consumption.




The CLOSING BILL / REFUND date (B) is determined by the date your water service is turned-off and which Billing BATCH it lands in.


A)        Your CLOSING BILL amount is determined by the number of days your meter was on in the TURN-OFF billing cycle. (*Ex. Minimum consumption ¾” meter in the city $92.00 ¸ the number of days your meter was on.

The CLOSING BILL Cycle is the last meter read date through the turn-off date.


B)        If, the date, your request for turn-off lands on the 1st thru the 15th of the month (our REGULAR BILLING cycle) your CLOSING BILL / REFUND will be processed with the #1 REGULAR BILLING BATCH of meter readings (on the 15th) and be mailed out with the REGULAR BILLS on the 1st of the next month. Your REGULAR BILL / CLOSING BILL will include the regular monthly amount + the closing amount.

            Because the cut-off date for processing billings is the 15th (the date meters are read) if we receive your request for a turn-off on the 16th thru the end of that month your CLOSING BILL / REFUND will be processed with the #2 BATCH of meter readings, on the next month’s billing cycle and mailed out on the 1st of the 2nd month after your request for a turn-off. You will receive your REGULAR BILLING on the 1st of the month that you requested turn-off + your next month’s REGULAR BILLING on the 1st of the next month + your CLOSING BILL after the 1st of the following month.


Request for turn-off 01-01 thru 01-15 #1 BATCH Bill/Refund 02-01

Request for turn-off 01-16 thru 01-31 #2 BATCH Bill/Refund 03-01


**Your REFUND amount will be calculated by subtracting your DEPOSIT amount from your CLOSING BILL amount. (Sometimes you will still owe a CLOSING BILL even if you paid a DEPOSIT if it was paid prior to rate increases; if there was a lot of water consumption; if you are transferring your deposit to another account when you move).



            These are sent out after the 15th of every month along with a $10.00 late fee.



Service will be shut off for non-payment, if bill is not paid or payment arrangements made by the 20th of the month. To have services turned back on, bill must be paid in full along with a $50.00 re-connect fee.


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